Top Evidences That Proves Aliens Are Living Among Us

A Web site which is named has revealed a mysterious case about a young boy who lives in China. This website is aimed to provide an opportunity for researchers around the world to solve the metaphysical conditions among the special people in the world.


The name of the child is “Nong Youhui”. He has two wonderful eyes and he got a superhuman ability to see clearly and brightly through the darkness. His father scared about his unusual and bizarre ability and took him to the hospital, doctors said that his normal black eyes will be appeared as the child gradually grows. But it never happened.

When the boy turns into a young man, he started to release blue colored bright and sharp light through his eyes. In the present day, he still can read any book from bright lighting that released from his eyes.

Our next incident is about “Milagros Garcia”, She is a Latin American woman. The most bizarre thing about her is that she is a half human and half alien including hybrid alien features. Scientists who analyzed her blood revealed that her DNA has very unusual substances mixing up with the normal human DNA substances. She called herself as a child of an alien and the doctors reject her claim.

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