She Disguises Herself as Garfield to Earn Extra Points and The Teacher’s Heart

Nadezhda Solopova is a cat obsessed teacher at the State University of Architecture and Art of the Urals in Russia, and a declared mistress of cats; her students know this and do not hesitate to use this in her favor.


One day one of her pupils came to class disguised as Garfield to win the teacher’s heart (and extra points, of course).

It is not the first time that their students use these types of strategies so that the teacher can take pity on them and their grades; They often wear clothes stamped with felines, wear tiaras with cat ears and even wear real pussycats to class.

But this student, in particular, was so committed to his role as Garfield that she stayed all the time acting like a real cat.

what a clever Pussycat!

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