Netflix Gives You Money Back If You Fall Asleep While Watching a Boring Show

Netflix is the favorite streaming platform for many people. Its films, series, and documentaries are cataloged as the best of the moment so that there are users who spend hours and hours in front of the monitor and without batting an eye so as not to miss a second of their favorite programming.

Although all this sounds like a dream come true in the world of entertainment, the fact is that Netflix also has content that usually does not catch the attention of the public and often ends up taking viewer into the arms of Morpheus (The God of Dreams 😉). Fortunately, the platform knows how to recognize its errors when choosing its programming. That is why they have decided to reward all customers who fall asleep while watching an unattractive program.

Netflix is the platform with the most famous audiovisual content in the world, the monthly fee for contracting its services is not very expensive, but it can get even cheaper if you fall asleep and, therefore, dissatisfied with its programming.

For identify that someone has fallen asleep and claim the money, Netflix would have direct access by webcam of their customers, and only those who have fallen asleep really because the series is garbage will receive their reimbursement:

Let no one mistake us for intrusion, we will only look when someone closes an eye.

In addition, the company announced that it will give some gifts to customers who can not sleep after seeing a series:

And so that you can see that we think about everyone, those who can not sleep after having seen a series of terror will also be rewarded.

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