Monkey Kidnaps A Baby to Play With It And Refuses to Give Him Back

A monkey “kidnapped” a two-year-old baby from a home in India to have someone to play with and it refused to give him back to his parents. An amateur video which recorded that incident soon became viral on social networks like YouTube.


In the viral video of YouTube, the protagonists are seen sitting on the side of the road while the primate tries to peel something off the hair of the infant, while a woman comes to rescue the small one.

The boy was apparently taken from his home in the town of Haryana by the monkey, who refuses to let go and hugs him tightly.

However, the monkey in YouTube viral video seems to be friendly and all he wants is to play with the infant, who has no idea what is happening or how to escape from his “kidnapper”.

It is unknown if the woman managed to snatch the child from the arms of the monkey but this is not the only incident of this type recorded in India, where some have had tragic outcomes.

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