Kid Has a Funny Reaction When Receiving a ‘Chucky’ Doll as a Gift

A video circulates on YouTube that has attracted the attention of thousands of users because it shows the unique reaction of a kid who received a doll of ‘Chucky’ as a gift.

credit: yahoo images

According to the video, the mother of the two-year-old boy named Elijah had noticed that he stopped watching movies of this popular character every day and that is why she decided to surprise him.

She bought a ‘Chucky’ doll and put it in a huge box so her baby would not find out what it was all about right away. As seen in the YouTube viral clip, the child knew it was a new toy for him and that’s why he was thrilled to see the gift.

However, the expression on his face quickly changed when he noticed that she had given him a ‘Chucky’ since apparently, he had been scared after seeing what this character did in his films.

Because of that reason he did not hesitate to run away from the place, causing laughter in his mother, who did not expect him to react in that way, as she believed that he would like the toy.

Watch the video below.

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