Injured Man Leaves The Hospital With a Knife Stuck in His Back Just to Smoke a Cigar

Horror! A man with a knife stuck in his back did not hesitate to leave emergencies to go out to the street to try to smoke a cigarette. The YouTube video caused great astonishment among users of social networks. The man ignored the instructions of the medical staff to stay in emergencies.

The man with the knife decided to continue walking until leaving the hospital only to smoke a cigarette. In the YouTube video, you even hear doctors asking him to return because his condition could get worse.

The YouTube video describes the man’s anxiety about smoking a cigarette before his surgery that they were going to perform to remove the knife from his back. The doctors had to accompany him to the street because he did not accept to enter and only complained of pain.

After a few seconds, the YouTube video shows the entrance of the injured person who lies on the hospital counter complaining of pain.

Watch the video below.

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