How to Heal Varicose Veins Using Tomato

You can use green or red tomatoes for this therapy.

heal varicose

How to use green tomatoes for the treatment

Firstly, grab a few green tomatoes and it’s important to wash them. Then cut them into slices or rings. Now put the green tomato slices to nodes of varicose veins and tie some bandage. Hold it until you feel it in your skin to reacts. You may feel a tingling sensation on the skin. Then wash it well. You should make it five times a day. If you do this correctly you will have much success very soon. Usually, this healing method can be taken up to 14 days.

How to do the treatment using red tomatoes

This treatment is similar to the above treatment. Firstly, wash a few red tomatoes and then cut them into slices. Then place them on the painful area of your skin and keep it about for 4 hours. Then switch to some new tomato slices. Perform this cure twice a day and also you can do the therapy with green tomatoes if you feel uncomfortable with this method.

Watch the video below.

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