He Spent His Whole Life in a Dumpster Until a Woman Sees His Photograph on the Internet

Kratos is a dog who spent his entire life in a garbage dump in Turkey until Crystal Carson, a woman who was moved to tears upon seeing his photograph, restored hope.

“You could see his ribs and spine through his skin”


Crystal said after seeing a photo of Kratos on the Internet.

“I thought the dog would not make it”


Kratos had a severe case of scabies, a disease that caused him to lose most of his coat.

“When I saw his picture his eyes looked straight at my soul”


Kratos is not the only one, hundreds of dogs live like him


They eat leftovers, they are born and they die among the garbage.

Although Carson and some of his friends set up a rescue group to save them from those unhealthy and sad conditions, it is impossible to rescue them all because they do not have enough resources, so first, they helped those who are sick or very old.

Kratos was chosen because he was the most vulnerable


He is eight years old, which is many for a dog of his size, and as the temperature was falling drastically it became urgent to protect him.

They took him urgently to the veterinary


They treated him for scabies, dehydration, malnutrition and an eye disease. But, despite his age, Kratos remained vigorous and all that energy helped him to recover his health.

After his recovery, he was taken to a rescue center in Bursa, Turkey, where he will have a temporary home while looking for a definitive home.

Carson wants to take Kratos to the United States


However, the process to move it is very difficult, since dogs can not be exported because they are considered a national heritage, which is an irony given the conditions in which Kratos and his friends were.

Kratos could not have survived if he had not been rescued, many of his fellow puppies and the older ones died during the winter.

For now, Kratos is healthy and happy


Hopefully, they will find a permanent home

I cannot tell you how much I adore Kratos! I so wish I was there to hug him!!! Thank you Emre for caring for and loving him for me. 😘

Posted by Crystal Jean Nixon Carson on Wednesday, December 26, 2018

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