Grandma Sat On An Iceberg To Take Photos And Wave Drifted Her Out To Sea

A 77-year-old woman decided to sit on a small iceberg that looks like a throne to take a picture during her vacation in Iceland, but a wave drifted her out to sea. Fortunately, she was rescued and her story went viral on Facebook and other social networks.

A 77-year-old woman scared many people when the iceberg which she sat on to take a picture was dragged by a wave out to sea during her vacation in Iceland. Fortunately, the nice little old lady was rescued and everything was left in an anecdote, which went viral on Facebook and other social networks.

This is the story of Judith Streng, who came to the glacial lake of Jokulsarlon, with her son to take a picture. She noticed a small iceberg had the shape of a throne.

Without any worry, she sat on the piece of ice to take some pictures, when the iceberg broke off from its base and was carried out to sea.

Grandma Sits on an Iceberg and Wave Takes her Out to Sea

Judith Streng was dragged several meters out to sea and thanks to the help of the personnel of a ship, that was close to this incident; they rescued her. The truth is that the old woman had a big scare.

Once the incident was over, her family members shared the moments of the unusual situation between them. They even joked with each other, indicating that Judith Streng was ‘the queen of the seas’.

“I always wanted to be a queen, come on, you know, it was my only chance,” our little old lady said with great humor.

This unusual story of Judith Streng went viral on Facebook as well as on other main social networks

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