For 62 Years, He Pretended To His Wife That He Was Deaf-Mute, The Reason Will Amaze You

A man from Waterbury, Connecticut gets divorced after his wife finds out that he was not really deaf-mute and had faked her for more than 62 years. For the simple reason of not having to listen to her.

According to the divorce papers, 84-year-old Barry Dawson did not speak a single word for decades before his 80-year-old wife Dorothy.

Ms. Dawson learned the sign language to communicate with her husband, but says that even then, he was not really communicative.

The couple raised six children and have thirteen grandchildren, all of them were convinced that Mr. Dawson was deaf and dumb.

“When he was at home, that idiot always pretended to be deaf-mute. It was not until I saw a YouTube video that he sang in a bar during a karaoke night at a charity event that I understood everything. “

Mr. Dawson’s lawyer, Robert Sanchez, admits that his client pretended to be deaf-mute, but said he had done so “for his wife” and added, “It’s the only way to stop those annoying maggots bear”.


Mr. Dawson’s lawyer, Robert Sanchez, claims that the older man’s fraud was not meant to offend or cheat on his spouse, and it could actually explain why her marriage had lasted for 62 years.

“My client is pretty quiet and not very talkative, but his wife is a real nuisance. If he had not pretended to be deaf-mute, they would have divorced 60 years ago. In a way, he did it for her and for his family. “

Both parties appeared in court this month for the first time, as Dorothy Dawson demands financial compensation for their “emotional stress and strain” and for half of their property and maintenance.

Do you think it was a good decision?

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