Chinese Woman Spends Close to 1 Million On Surgeries For Her Cat Because She Had “Ugly Eyes”

A woman from Nanjing, China, was harshly criticized on social media for subjecting her cat to surgery to “beautify” it.

The young woman spent more than a million, according to the Daily Mail, to operate the double eyelid surgery because she thought her cat feline had “ugly eyes”. No cats are ugly! 

The incident was reported by the Jiangsu Television channel, showing images of the affected cat, with its face red and swollen.

feline the cat

Immediately the woman was filled with criticism and the repudiation of people through social networks. “How do you think of doing that?” , “They should take the kitty and give it to someone who really loves him” and “She’s really crazy, nobody in her right mind could do that”, were some of the comments that appeared on social networks.

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