A Dog Learns Flashy Trick and Performs Without Problems When Playing With Its Owner

Sometimes people teach their pets very striking tricks when they playing together in order to make more fun, like the one seen in a viral YouTube video starring a dog that is in the company of its owner in the room of a house located in New York, United States.


According to the video broadcasts on YouTube, the mentioned dog, seeing his master sitting in a chair, went to him so he could be by his side.

When the dog sat right in front of the man, he raised his right hand to make a fist. It is there where the animal without hesitation fell to the ground; however, the striking of all this would come seconds later as the dog owner also wanted to demonstrate what his pet had learned to do recently.

For that reason, the owner decided to simulate with his right hand like a pistol, stretching his index finger and lifting his thumb a little. The dog, seeing that he pointed his fingers in that way and then said “bam”, threw himself to one side, as if he had fallen after a bullet hit.

His actions caused laughter in the man, who later gave him a cookie as a reward for having learned to do the trick.

The video plays only 7 seconds but it has been shared on the platform and already accumulates a large number of views and reactions by users, becoming a viral YouTube.

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