12 Funny Pictures of Kittens Playing on Glasses

If you are an owner of a cat you must know that they are the most wonderful and perfect creatures that have ever stepped on the face of the Earth.


A person who had a glass table watched his cat pose in various ways and came up with an idea to take photos and upload them to the Internet. The images caused a stir and hundreds of users did the same. Here we show you some of the best photos.

1. Proof that cats are liquid


2. Pretty little rubber feet

3. The sleeping beauty

4. The flying cat…

5. Where did the pussycat go?

6. What do you see?

7. Purerfect Sisters 

8. Hello, friends

9. Existentialist kitten

10. I could not deny anything to those little eyes

11. Crushed Cat

12. Someone is watching us

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