10 Strangest Museums in the World [Photos]

The 10 strangest museums in the world; They are eccentric, very rare and you must visit them

There are thousands of museums in the world and some stand out for their beauty, their architecture, but what matters most is what they exhibit. These 10 take the prize to the strangest you can find. Go prepare your bags, because surely you will want to visit them and know them.

1. International Toilet Museum ‘Sulabh’ in India

You can take a tour of this place which full of old toilets, as well as the most modern ones in sanitation technology. It’s rare but interesting.

2. Museum of the Vampires, in France

These beings will always attract attention; In addition, it is a lugubrious space, according to the theme, where you can find information about vampires and the autographs of all the actors who have personified Dracula.

3. International Museum of the Spies, in the United States

The fun in here is guaranteed, it will be like entering a James Bond movie. In this place, you will know the technology, the gadgets and the methods that the spies have used over time.

4. Museum of Bad Art, in the United States

Usually, we visit a museum to see “good art”, but in this place, they do not have any problem in showing us bad works of art so you can criticize them at your pleasure.

5. Museum of Dog Collars, in England

That’s right, These entire rooms dedicated to dog collars; but it is not as simple as it seems, because it has collars since the fifteenth century, which tells us about the historical relationship between dogs and humans.

6. Salt and Pepper Museum in the United States

A huge collection of salt and pepper shakers from all over the world are waiting for you in this strange place, but it is certainly attractive to visit.

7. Hall of Fame Celebrity Lingerie in the United States

In there, you can find underpants of Tom Hanks used in the Forrest Gump movie or a collection of the underwear worn by the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210.

8. Mutter Museum, in the United States

This museum shows an extensive collection of physical deformities in humans and it is not suitable for sensitive people. They also have parts of Albert Einstein’s brain.

9. Underwater Museum of Art, in Mexico

The interesting thing about this place is that you have to submerge yourself in the sea to see the sculptures that are displayed there, which are made by neutral ph of clay, so it does not harm the environment and favors marine life.

10. “Avanos” Hair Museum, in Turkey

Founder of Avanos, Chez Galip collects hair samples of women from all over the world and he gives credit of their name and place where they live. 16,000 pieces of hair are shown in this place and it is increasing.

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